Installing Uyuni on SUSE Leap 15.2

The main purpose of this page is to prepare a SUSE test system to run Uyuni. This test system will be used to derive a CentOS 8 Uyuni system. So you might not see instructions how to install a full Uyuni system on SUSE here.


Base: SUSE leap 15.2 Server network installation.

zypper update # update the system (should be no updates for a network install)
zypper ar uyuni-server-stable # Add the Uyuni repository to the system.
zypper ref # Download the repository metadata (mainly from the newly added repo).

zypper in patterns-uyuni_server # This installs all required uyuni packages. This is quite a bit! And this is where the conversion work will start. All packages should be available on CentOS.