Install Enterprise Linux 9 on Microsoft Surface Go 2

2023-10-10 - This is a follow up article of installing CentOS 8 on this tablet.

For me, installing Enterprise Linux 9 (Alma Linux to be specific) worked the same way as in the previous articles. So please check the above link. Here you will just find additional details.

4. Post-installation

  • Install "Gnome Tweaks" to easily configure the tablet. (here a nice article)
  • Install tlp for power management (otherwise battery drains too quickly. Overall Power Management needs more tuning as the tablet does not go into depe sleep mode.
    cat > /etc/systemd/sleep.conf << EOF
    systemctl suspend-then-hibernate # test if hibernate works as expected
    Edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf

    systemctl restart systemd-logind.service # WARNING, logs you out.

    Note that suspend then hibernate will not work if secure boot is re-enabled.

  • Check out the Gnome Shell extensions to configure the system to your liking (title bar or not, maximise/minimise icons)
  • Change Firefox to run on tablet mode.
  • There is a Gnome extension that allows the windows to snap to a grid section. This might be useful.
5. Camera
The IR sensor does not work and the camera quality is  sub-par.
# dnf -y install libcamera-tools libcamera-ipa
Check if your camera shows up under available cameras:
# cam --list
99. Open items
  • Camera does not work.
  • On-screen keyboard is transparent and does not resize the window (items behind the keyboard cannot be accessed).