Installing Typhoon 50500 on Red Hat Fedora Core 7

This arcticle describes how to install the DVB-T card Typhoon 50500 on a Red Hat Fedora 7 system and stream out the contents using a software called getstream.

This one is actually quite easy.

First we install the card (needs to be done on every reboot).
1) Insert your card
2) login as root and type in the following commands.
modprobe saa7134 card=87
modprobe saa7134-alsa
modprobe saa7134-dvb

Thats it.

Now we install getstream. Getstream is a software that can take the DVB stream and then send it out onto the network. Really useful too to watch synchronous TV on different computers just with an ethernet connection.
3) login as root and install gcc, glib2-devel and libevent-devel
yum install glib2-devel libevent-devel gcc
You might have to download the libevent and glib2 packages manually from rpmfind if your system doesn't update them automatically
4) download the latest getstream from
5) untar and follow the instructions in the README file. All you really need to do is type in Make :)
6) Now you need config files..... For that, please follow the instructions on the getstream homepage.
7) run getstream -c configfilename

To get the channels in your area, you will need a transponder list and scan those transponders for the channels. Not a fun thing to do but you will need to do this once, if you have no channel lists. I don't remember how I did this. I think i used a tool called scandvb. Please search on the internet to find out how.


You should install the package dvb-apps. This will give you tools to scan and troubleshoot the channels.
yum install dvb-apps
You can also find additional information on -



Here, I have attached different files:
getstream source files
the compiled binary (so you can skip the make process above)
A list of channel frequencies for the Hanover, Germany area. The last digit needs to be converted into hex to have the channel number for the getstream config file channel
This file contains information on transponders in Hanover, Germany
A config file to watch all channels on two transponders in Hanover, Germany via two DVB-T cards