Installing Videolan Client on Red Hat Fedora Core 8 including Firefox Plugin

This little tutorial will show you very briefly how to install the videolanclient from Also here you will find a solution to make the Firefox plugin work on Fedora 8. The Firefox Plugin for the videolanclient does not install properly on Fedora 8.

Firstly, install the repository for the videolanclient to your repository list by typing $> su -

  1. > rpm -ivh

Then install the videolan client and the additional mozilla plugin and if you like the python module

  1. > yum install vlc python-vlc mozilla-vlc

Now all should be working fine apart from the firefox plug-in. type in

  1. > cd /usr/lib/firefox-
  2. > cp /usr/lib/mozilla/* . -R

This copies the plug-ins from the mozilla directory to the firefox directory. Restarting firefox should now make this all work. Your firefox version in the cd command might vary.

2010-03-28: To my knowledge, the livna repository does not exist anymore but got joined with rpmfusion repository (