MagicHue/MagicHome WiFI LED Controller

IP 10.x.x.103

Default Port: 5577

MAC: DC:4F:22:??:??:??

Hostname: ZENGGE-33-<last 6 digits of MAC)

Unclear: Does it support IPv6?


Data structure:
  • 31 is the ID of the command
  • RR is red
  • GG is green
  • BB is blue
  • WW is white
  • XX is whether to use the white value or not
  • CC is the checksum

Booleans such as XX are represented as 0xf0 for True and 0x0f for False. There is no response.

Possible Commands:

  • 31: Colour
  • 61: Programme
  • 71: Enable/Disable

This command queries the state of the bulb:


It is possible to send multiple commands in one package. Checksum is per command, not per package. So just line them all up.


Checksum = byte1 + byte2 + byte3 + ... + byteN

If checksum > ff, use the last two digits.



Set up WLAN configuration (system must be in factory state):

Log into the LED WIFI


Remove WLAN configuration:


Remove and add power 4 times (around 3-5 seconds break between each action)