Set up (joy-it) RFID RC522 on Raspberry Pi with CentOS 7

These instructions will show you how to configure a Joy-IT RFID RC522 module on a Raspberry Pi running on CentOS 7.

This module is a cheap RFID reader which I use as access control system.

First of all, have a look at the official documentation. It will show you how to wire up the module onto your Raspberry Pi. Next, prepare your Raspberry:

# The next line enables the Raspberry's on-board SPI interface.
cat >> /boot/config.txt << EOF

# Now, install all required software
yum install -y git python-devel
cd /tmp
curl "" -o ""
pip install RPi.GPIO
mkdir -p ~/git
cd ~/git
# Install the SPI extension for Python
git clone
cd SPI-Py
python install
# Get the RC522 sample code
cd ~/git
git clone
cd MFRC522-python

#Now you can use and as template for your own development.
python # continuously reads a tag.
python # writes specified data to a tag.