PlayStation Vita Pets

Hack for Money and Buddy points.

Make sure you have installed the plugin PSVita Cheat. I will not go into how to do that (because I don't remember anymore...).

Start up the editor by simultaneously pressing <L> and the right D-PAD button, unless you configured a different key combination.

Initial values on start:

Money: 180 (0xB4) at address 815C4164 to 815C4167. Go to the first address location and start editing towards the last address location. Max decimal value displayed: 99.999. So you might as well just add a 1 at the second or third hex location.

Buddy points: 210 (0xD2) at address 815C4160 - 815C4763. I recommend not to mess with the pal points at the beginning as it might skip story play and lock you out of required story actions.

Overall, update the values front to back (least significant hex value at the beginning of the memory location).

The location changes as game progresses. So best thing is to create a non-common money/point value and search for the address location. Money and buddy points are always the same distance to eachother/next to eachother. Delta should be 4 bytes.


You can enter the current values below and the calculator returns the string to search for (for readability with comma separators).