Installing Uyuni on CentOS 8/AlmaLinux

The installation was last tested working on 2022-05-09. The instructions will not work anymore due to upstream changes.

I have therefore decided to focus on the Enterprise Linux 9 variant only and not to get 8 working anymore.

Please find the status and instructions here: Installing Uyuni on Enterprise Linux 9



Base: CentOS 8 minimal install. (REMOVE Spacewalk packages if you have kickstarted via a Spacewalk server)

The full script below can be executed remotely running:

curl | bash


# Preparing base AlmaLinux with EPEL, language pack and disabled SELinux

dnf clean all
dnf -y update
dnf -y install $LANGPACK # Installing EPEL and language pack
setenforce 0 # disabling SELinux for this session.
sed -i 's/SELINUX=enforcing/SELINUX=permissive/' /etc/selinux/config # permanently disabling SELinux
#Note: Locale has to be set to UTF-8 (i.e. "localectl set-locale LANG=en_EN.UTF-8")

# Let's install Uyuni


dnf -y config-manager --set-enabled powertools # required for dependencies
rpm --import ${REPO_SOURCE}/AlmaLinux_8/repodata/repomd.xml.key
dnf -y config-manager --add-repo ${REPO_SOURCE}/AlmaLinux_8/
dnf -y config-manager --add-repo ${REPO_SOURCE}:/Other/AlmaLinux_8/
dnf -y config-manager --add-repo ${REPO_SOURCE}:/Other:/EL/AlmaLinux_8/
dnf -y config-manager --add-repo

dnf -y module enable javapackages-tools cobbler:3 pki-deps
dnf -y module disable satellite-5-client rhn-tools postgresql # Don't use Spacewalk packages. Don't use postgresql 10
#dnf -y module enable libselinux-python # required for spacewalk-proxy

NEWPACKAGES=$(curl  # let's get packages that are waiting to be merged
dnf -y install patterns-uyuni_server $NEWPACKAGES

curl | bash  # Installs current fixes
# curl > /root/ # Optional to load default values. Otherise wizard is run.

# Start the installation of the server now:
/usr/lib/susemanager/bin/mgr-setup -s
Uyuni on CentOS 8

Updating Uyuni

To update Uyuni, add --nobest to dnf update. --allow-erasing could be required depending on release changes:

dnf update --nobest --allow-erasing